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For the purposes of this consent to personal data processing, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

Platform means the Website and/or Mobile application, controlled and managed by the Operator, to be used to provide the Services;
User means an Internet user;
Website means a complex of computer software, content and other information contained in the information system Internet accessed, inter alia, by the domain name: www.anywayanyday.com;
Services means a range of services on execution of air and/or railway tickets, hotel room booking and other additional services to be provided using the Platform.

Acting freely, willingly and in my own interest and also confirming my legal capacity, I hereby grant the Operator my specific, informed and explicit consent to processing of data including my personal data and personal data of persons in the interests of which I use the Platform, technical and contact details subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter: the “Consent”):

1. I hereby grant this Consent to processing of personal data whether using or not using automation facilities.
2. I grant this Consent to processing of the following personal data: Personal data being not of specific or biometric kind: full name; date of birth; details of an identity document; contact phones; e-mails; user data (location; operating system type and version; Browser type and version; device type and display resolution; a source from where a user came to the Platform, from which website or following which advertisement; language of the operating system and of the Browser; pages opened and buttons pressed by a user; items bought by a user including an order amount, flight details (direction, data, flight, airline company), way of payment, information on bank accounts and bank card details, number of passengers, additional services; information on a mail client; information on clock zone; information on an e-mail opening and following links; details of airline companies’ loyalty cards; sex; details of a birth certificate.
3. The personal data shall be not publicly available.
4. The purpose of the personal data processing: to organize booking and purchase of air, railway and other tickets, hotel room booking and to provide other additional services to the User using the Platform; to improve quality of the Platform operation, usability thereof, to develop new services; targeting of promotional materials; to receive information on services, status thereof, sale offers, sales, news and promotional offers from the Operator and its partners by communication channels (including SMS and MMS messages); to perform statistical and any other researches based on anonymised data.
5. The grounds for the personal data processing: Article 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation; Article 6 of Federal Law No.152-FZ “On Personal Data”; the Operator’s Articles of Associations; the public offer in relation to the Services available by the Platform;
6. The following operations will be performed with the personal data while being processed: collection; systematization, accumulation; storage; adjustment (updating, alteration); extraction; use; transfer (distribution, provision, access); anonymization; blocking; deleting; destruction.
7. The third persons that process the personal data provided under the Operator’s instruction.
8. The personal data shall be processed until an individual ceases to be binding under the relevant public offer.
9. The Consent shall be also applied to a possible trans-border transfer of the personal data to countries which do not ensure adequate protection of the personal data subjects’ rights.
10. The personal data subject or its representative may withdraw the Consent by giving a written request to the Operator or its representative to the address first above written in this Consent.
11. Should the personal data subject or its representative withdraw the Consent to the personal data processing, the Operator may continue processing of the personal data without the personal data subject’s consent where legally permitted under items 2-11 of para 1 of Article 6, para 2 of Article 10 and para 2 of Article 11 of Federal Law No.152-FZ “On personal data” dated 27.07.2006.
12. This Consent shall be valid all the time until the personal data processing terminates under items 8 and 10 of this Consent.
13. This document is made in Russian. The translation hereof in any other language shall be additional and placed for convenience of the user only. Should any discrepancy between the Russian version and translations hereof arise, the Russian version shall prevail.